From 1999 into 2002, some computer science students ran a gaming network at UMass called QMass.net. It's been gone for quite some time, but we still get together for some Quake2 now and then -- especially during the winter months. You're welcome to join us for some not-so-serious gaming naustalgia.


The DM server rotates through q2dmx, as well as some classics and a couple of my maps. Said classics include:


For added laughs, you may wish to download this sound pak (last updated 11/20/2005). It's a reasonable recreation of the original QMass Sound Pak, which we fear was lost forever. Warning: samples from South Park, Monty Python, The Simpsons, Jurrasic Park, et al have been flat-out stolen.


We run a Mailman mailing list to schedule games, discuss server changes, or talk about ideas for the rather silly deathmatch mod we run. The listinfo page is here: http://jdolan.dyndns.org/mailman/listinfo/quake2

You're also welcome to join us in #quetoo on irc.freenode.net.


I maintain my own Quake2-compatible engine for GNU/Linux called Quetoo. It's meant to be trim, stable, secure, and fast (very fast). Wade Leveille (quakemeat) is also working on a Win32 port. Read more about Quetoo here.


And finally.. I've made some rather amature maps myself. They're not fantastic, but my friends insist that we play on them..
The Jizz Hutt (2005)
Released in November '05, this is the first level of the QMass Resurrection series. Arena style deathmatch, id base textures, a quad, a pent, and a truly tasteless name. [download]

Why Does It Burn When I Pee? (2000)
The first level I chose to release. Not the most complex design (it's a big square with an 'X' in the middle), but they can't all be masterpieces, can they? [download]

Thundercock (2005)
The second level in the QMass Resurrection series. Strogg base textures, trick jumps, good connectivity. I'd been waiting to use this name for years.. [download]

Prostate Paralysis (2001)
Initially designed for LoTTe Ohm's Vertigo Mapping Contest (but never entered because it exceeded dimension constraints), this was one of my better efforts. It still sucks. 2-8 players FFA. [download]

Testicles On Ice (2001)
A fun little 1v1 map I whipped out in one night. Stone texture set, dim lighting, a railgun and yellow armor. All under a star-lit sky. Hold me. [download]

Toxic Shock Syndrome (2006)
An extremely large industrial themed FFA and team deathmatch map. Textures compliments of Lunaran, Yogi, Rorshach, and others. Probably my best work to date. [download]