Author: Jay

Happy Birthday, Gramps

My grandfather turned 82 a couple of weeks ago. For his birthday, I took a stab at a continuous mix of music that he’d like. Half of the songs are known-favorites of my dear old Gramps, and the rest are ones that I really wanted to share with him. It was very enjoyable to mix […]

Quake2World, public alpha, January 2011

The other night, I was looking around at the Quake2World videos on YouTube, and I realized how horribly dated they all were, so I figured I’d make a new one. I actually recorded a much more interesting segment than what I was able to upload, but YouTube had a hard time processing it (3 times […]

Two quick mixes for your listening pleasure..

Lately, I’ve been beat-mixing again, prompted by a very irresponsible purchase made around Thanksgiving (see right). I can’t say that I didn’t miss doing this for the last few years.  I’ve also really taken a liking to Drum & Bass music, and have started to build an almost-respectable catalog of it as well.  It’s a little […]


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