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Announcing: Uplifting Downbeats

I’m really happy to announce the launch of Uplifting Downbeats, a website dedicated to my pursuit of DJing! Plenty of DJ mixes available to stream or download, and more to come!

October 2013 Promo

Some deep, progressive grooves to accompany October’s cool down. This is also the first DJ mix I’ve recorded through Traktor using my Kontrol S4. Enjoy! Bladerunner – “More human than human..” Mortinare – Battlefield Flower Erdi Imrak – Start Believing Terje Saether – Blinded (Muui Paranoid Mix) Marcelo Paladini, Alberto Blanco – California Sunday Secret […]

Half a Decade

I hadn’t recorded in a very long time, so that’s partially where the title for this one comes from. The music also spans quite a long period of time (for house); about 7 years. I hope that, somewhere in the middle, you find yourself moved. And by the end, maybe you’re bobbing along to the […]

Happy Birthday, Gramps

My grandfather turned 82 a couple of weeks ago. For his birthday, I took a stab at a continuous mix of music that he’d like. Half of the songs are known-favorites of my dear old Gramps, and the rest are ones that I really wanted to share with him. It was very enjoyable to mix […]

Two quick mixes for your listening pleasure..

Lately, I’ve been beat-mixing again, prompted by a very irresponsible purchase made around Thanksgiving (see right). I can’t say that I didn’t miss doing this for the last few years.  I’ve also really taken a liking to Drum & Bass music, and have started to build an almost-respectable catalog of it as well.  It’s a little […]