Half a Decade

I hadn’t recorded in a very long time, so that’s partially where the title for this one comes from. The music also spans quite a long period of time (for house); about 7 years. I hope that, somewhere in the middle, you find yourself moved. And by the end, maybe you’re bobbing along to the beat in your chair.

  • Derek Howell – Make a Run For It (Chris Fortier’s Melody Tool)
  • Blue Haze – Messy Textures
  • Telepopmusik – Breathe (Jori Hulkkonen Mix)
  • Asten – About This
  • Adam Parker – High Life (Sasha Invol2ver Mix)
  • Digital Witchcraft – Fingerpaint
  • Ry, Frank Weidermann – Howling (├éme Remix)
  • Ray Calman – Kashmir
  • Clubbervision – Autopleasure
  • His Boy Elroy – See You on the Other Side
  • Ramadanman – Humber (Sven Weisemann Mix)
  • Robosonic – The Edge
  • Derek Howell – Make a Run For It
  • Scotty A – Anxious
  • V-Sag – Kittie in an Empty House
  • Blue Haze – We Feel (Michael Burns Groove)
  • Natious – Amber (Alandanat Mix)
  • 16 Bit Lolitas – Snake Inverter
  • Andy Duguid – Falling feat. Julie Thompson (Dub)

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