Some deep, progressive grooves to accompany October’s cool down. This is also the first DJ mix I’ve recorded through Traktor using my Kontrol S4. Enjoy! Bladerunner – “More human than human..” Mortinare – Battlefield Flower Erdi Imrak – Start Believing Terje Saether – Blinded (Muui Paranoid Mix) Marcelo Paladini, Alberto Blanco – California Sunday Secret

It’s no secret that Sprint’s network coverage is the poorest among the major carriers. But that’s not necessarily reason to avoid them. If you live in an area where their service is satisfactory and rarely travel, Sprint is the most affordable of the Big Three. This, however, is my account of their customer service in

I hadn’t recorded in a very long time, so that’s partially where the title for this one comes from. The music also spans quite a long period of time (for house); about 7 years. I hope that, somewhere in the middle, you find yourself moved. And by the end, maybe you’re bobbing along to the

If you have not yet sponsored us and would like to, please click here. As the emotional high of 2012’s PMC journey gives way to cherished memories and renewed hope, my thoughts hang on the friendships I’ve gained or strengthened through this year’s PMC effort and the woman for whom I rode, Kelly’s mother Beth

On August 4th, at 5:00am, 5500 cyclists and hundreds of volunteers will flood the Sturbridge Host Hotel parking lot and lobby to kick off the 2012 Pan- Massachusetts Challenge. For those not familiar with the PMC, it’s the most successful athletic fundraiser in the country, benefiting Dana-Farber Cancer Institute through The Jimmy Fund. It accounts

Today my friend Ornoth and I cycled some 70 miles around Jay Peak, Vermont.  The route included both of Jay’s highest peaks: Big Jay and North Jay, and at our highest point, we were 2300ft above sea level.  With over 6100ft of climbing in total, and two Category 2 ascents, it was in some ways