October 2013 Promo

Some deep, progressive grooves to accompany October’s cool down. This is also the first DJ mix I’ve recorded through Traktor using my Kontrol S4. Enjoy!

  1. Bladerunner – “More human than human..”
  2. Mortinare – Battlefield Flower
  3. Erdi Imrak – Start Believing
  4. Terje Saether – Blinded (Muui Paranoid Mix)
  5. Marcelo Paladini, Alberto Blanco – California Sunday
  6. Secret Cinema, Roger Martinez – Menthol Raga
  7. Ricardo Tobar – Together (Fairmont Mix)
  8. Scotty.A – Once More Into the Fray (Anthony Yarranton Mix)
  9. Progress Inn – Spinal Projection
  10. J. Axel – The Journey
  11. Fill Scared – Q-Qualified Experience
  12. The Howling – Shortline (Frank Weidemann Mix)
  13. Colourblock – Polar Beer

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